Saturday, October 24, 2009

qrpTracker Introduction Video

Here's a video introducing my Arduino port of Plan13. If you know about Arduino and about satellites, you might want to skip forward to 1:30 or so. If this doesn't appear well embedded in blogspot, here' the link to the site.

There's a youtube video as well, but the resolution is so poor that you can't read the screen text.

1 comment:

  1. i'd like to get this working on an arduino for satellite tracking. Running plan13_tests from the examples i ge anomalous results as follows:

    AZ:333.40 EL: -47.26 RX: 435293340 TX: 145922233 Sat Lat: 28.58 Sat Lon.: 145.88 RR: 4.58
    Should be:
    AZ:57.07 EL: 4.05 RX 435301728 TX 145919440

    this is on an atmega328 using arduino version 0022/windows vista.