Thursday, January 28, 2010

qrpTracker 'satpack' First QSO

10 minutes ago, my qrpTracker project passed its acid test, a real satellite QSO. Hearing rather good sigs from SO-50,  I decided to reply to KC4KMY's call. My side was hampered with using a 1/4 wave vertical as an antenna, causing his sig. to be heard only about 1/3 of the time, but it was good enough for the log. This means that the following automated functions of the latest 'satpack' code are working well:
  1. Downlink tuning
  2. Periodic uplink tuning of the FT-817, with switching VFOs. This is in the manner of instantune, HRD and SatPC32
  3. CTCSS tone encoding to ensure access to SO-50 and similarly equipped radios
CTCSS was only completed this weekend, so I'm delighted that the whole package is in place.

'Satpack' Arduino tracker PCB

Lots of progress with 'satpack', my Arduino-based full-doppler-tuning satellite tracking application. On the right, you see a cardboard mockup of the pcb. On the software side, I've checked a fully working version of the code into the SVN repository.