Friday, January 21, 2011

ZL3IN Conversation Video

Here's the video of the ZL3IN contact. Remember, this is just raw UDP packets over the internet, with no error correction, and you're hearing the Codec2 audio just as it was transmitted in the conversation.


  1. Great video! And audio too! Was that full duplex comms?
    Almost half step to the next Echolink incarnation (multiplatform, oss) hi

    Best 73! Zilvis

  2. Yes, Zilvis, the audio was duplex. With my shell script, if both sides keep 'transmit' on, it will operate duplex.

    While codec2 might be useful for general Internet comms in certain circumstances, in general I think the higher bandwidth codecs are a better idea for Echolink, etc. For hams, codec2 will shine in digital voice systems similar to D-star.