Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Robot plans In Google Sketchup

Before beginning a simple robot project, I mocked this design up in Google Sketchup using components available in the Google 3D Warehouse. The models of the caster, motor pack and wheels for those I had already bought were luckily already in the Warehouse. I added the models of the various layers and, most importantly, of the PCBs I had already made for the picaxe-based CPU and a speakjet board.

The servo is intended to rotate a Sharp IR range-finder, which is modeled as a black rectangle with some white dots.

The white pillars represent bolts which run through the layers held in place by locked nuts on either side.

This was largely to ensure that the battery packs would still allow clearance for the bolts and everything else. Some of the components are somewhat out of alignment, as you can see from the diagram, but even this level of accuracy was very helpful in ensuring that the final project would work.

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